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10 August 2009 @ 06:51 pm
School year is 75% over...and that means school reference/testimonial writing time!!! Been informed that the teachers who write them will be one of our subject teachers...and....you get allocated randomly. ><. They said that its to be fair so u cant go straight for the nice ones. I dont mind that..its just...quite frankly, I think that some teachers (not any of mine, thankfully) have made no effort to know their students at all, and they really have no right to write a testimonial for any of them, and it would be unfair to any student who gets that allocation of doom.

HAHAA. yeah, im still deeply obsessed with Oomph. Haven't been this crazy since either of Gackt or Hyde. Dero's voice is freaking fantastisch! His range, as in, not the vocal-note range (although he has that as well), but the range of styles and voice textures he can sing is MADDD. And dw yiyue, your every bashing makes my heart grow fonder. HAHAHHAA.


Lol I got my L'arc en ciel Live in Paris DVD! :D Hyde looks ageless as usual, voice freaking fantastic, superb concert! All the french fans are great :D I mean the guys who were there actually looked like they were enjoying themselves and not giving that "dragged here by girlfriends" expression lol. Saw the part where Ken had to go off stage after collapsing during Seventh Heaven o.O"" His elbow was actually all blue-black, gee... no wonder he was in pain.

Btw, I've noticed it for quite some while now but just never brought it up. Does anyone think that Gackt's voice has uh..kinda changed in his new stuff? His old voice was incredibly rich, his new one is kinda more mechanical, aggressive, harder sounding? Don't get me wrong, I still think he has great vocals, just wondering if anyone else noticed a change in texture or if its just me.

Lol, kazura_uyurin you'd probably share my views on this one (I hope you've already read this week's manga):

THANK YOU Sai for giving that wake-up-call-bitchslap to Sakura that she so sorely deserved. You are steadily gaining my approval! Okay not that I ever disapproved of you, you remind me too much of Gin. All those months I've spent complaining about how much Naruto does for Sakura that never gets reciprocated and actually gets hurt even more is finally addressed >B-D. On a side note, the naruto plot looks to be developing nicely into one that is highly intriguing :)

HAHA. WTF. I thought that SoifonXUrahara thing was only some fetish from the anime producers, never knew it ACTUALLY EXISTS in canon. Okay that girl seriously needs to get her priorities right. For someone so cool, statistical and calculating, she sure gets flustered by the most iirevelant emotions. I mean. I actually still have no idea why she would hate urahara, its not even like he did anything to her -_- GET OVER IT.
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14 July 2009 @ 05:06 pm

Haven't touched a jap song in 2 weeks! Thanks to Dero, who has opened me to an even more intense, harder, darker genre of rock that I'd never in my wild dreams thought I'd ever learn to appreciate lol.

Dero Goi, singer of German band Oomph:

Powerful vocals, deliciously deep baritone and texture, intense live performances and pvs, freaking cool aura, and an uncanny ability to belt out any Elvis or Frank Sinatra songs in flawless English pronounciation.

Phenomenal live performer, stage vocals >>>> studio versions, too bad I will have no means of obtaining their Rohstoff 07 Concert dvd (DAMMIT!)  which is at the top of my wish list now zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Favourite songs are Das Letze Streichholz, Labyrinth, Sandmann all of which I immensely like. Know that I absolutely did not like a single one of them before watching him sing it live and in pv >B-D

Knowing the nature of their music, I've only discerned Auf Kurs as one of their rare ballads, a beautiful display of his voice in a beautiful song. Although you shouldn't watch the PV.

HAHAHA. Okay if you're abnormal like me and have watched all 6 SAW movies, you're good to go. If you're like Yiyue, you will be enternally scarred afterwards lol.  Should never have shown it to her, the culture shock totally made her hate him now lol. But since its Yiyue we're talking about, and knowing her uh...unique point of views, I will not take her bashing to heart hahahaha.
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09 July 2009 @ 05:15 pm

Dero >B-D

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04 July 2009 @ 09:35 pm
I thought it would be somewhat amusing to compare each of their status:

CDTV Most Wanted Lover poll (male artiste)  2009:

1) Akanishi Jin                      age 25, JE Kattun
2) Kamenashi Kazuya             age 23, JE Kattun
3) Yamashita Tomohisa          age 24, JE News
4) TAKAHIRO                         age 24, EXILE
5) Hyde                              age 40, L'arc en ciel, MARRIED
6) Masuda Takahisa              age 24, JE News
7) Matsumoto Jun                 age 25, JE Arashi
8) Domoto Koichi                  age 30, JE Kinki Kids
9) Nishikido Ryo                      age 24, JE News
10) JaeJoong                         age 23, DBSK


HAHAHAHHAHA. Funny thing is, he hasn't even been making that many appearances this year. He was #3 last year lol.

Well done to Takahiro too!

Happy birthday Gackt! You got totally owned by Fukuyama Masaharu on Music Station lol >B-)
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02 July 2009 @ 12:39 pm
Just listened to Gackt's nine*nine = live-recorded songs from all the past concerts.



Not listening to the studio-recorded versions again. Ever.

*note: Thank you jap audiences for your wonderful respect to actually maintain silence when your artiste sings. Well. i realized that Gackt shuts most people up when he sings anw hahaha. THANK YOU. HINT tokio hotel fans

2009 new songs!
Not composed by him: Kagero, Journey through the Decade

And of those composed by him, here's my ranking:

1) Lost Angels
2) Oblivious ( I know right, somehow it gets better with each listen)
3) In Flames (It had a harder sound than i expected lol)
4) Flower
5) Suddenly
6) Ghost (Yeah, i know. Don't ask me why.)
7) No Reason
8) Faraway
9) My Father's Day
10) Blue Lagoon
11) Koakuma Heaven

Overall good comeback collection. I'll buy it if you actually released it as an album, my good man.

And to the best police investigation show on earth, thank you for making CSI look like a lame duck TV worth watching:

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22 June 2009 @ 06:03 pm

Okay granted, they was two weeks ago but whatevers. I don't feel good for any of the papers I did, which is just as well since whenever I think I aced something they usually come back with whatever score i had in mind minus 40%. Leanne went to stalk Ms C after the bio paper to ask about the answers, and apparently Ms C asked her how I found the paper. Which leanne of course failed to tell me and hence my first line to Ms C when i saw her was " I screwed up that 10-mark question so don't talk about that thanks. "

late night TV yesterday, and on SBS at some ungodly hour they were showing "Chinese New Year Celebrations" I MEAN WTH THAT WAS HOW MANY MONTHS AGO. Anyway, what the hell. It was some poor recording of Chinese peeps performing lol. Okay so this guy on the stage first did a Jacky Cheung song...and then proceeds to sing....Apologize. Yes. One Republic's Apologize. When he announced it me and bro looked at each other, and when that guy hit the first note, we both just blanked out in the next 5 minutes during which ensued the most OFF-TUNE HEART-WRENCHING rendition of that poor song ROFL. I mean. of ALL the songs he could have chosen he had to choose one that required extreme STAY-ON-TUNE vocals and falsetto for the chorus bit -____-"""

Happier news!

Discovered new music last night, got absolutely high on both XD. One is an american christian rock band called RED, and the other is the all-famous german Tokio Hotel. (yeah i know, not jap for once HAHA)

There are some vocalists that absolutely cannot sing but make up for it with looks (*hint JE)

There are some vocalists with passable voices that make up for it with good songs.

There are those with extremely strong vocals but doensnt have that much of a smooth texture or that "nice to listen to" quality and end up sounding very impaling.

And there are those, such as Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz, that have voices so drop-dead gorgeous that I'd listen to whatever they sing just to hear that voice.

Not that they have bad songs or whatever at all. Durch den Monsun among MANY others were released, when Bill was 15. o.O" Some people say they're flashy and poser, but lol, my god, they deserve to be, with that much talent.

To kazura_uyurin, the band is fronted by identical twins. HAHAHAHHA. They're both androgynous, the older guitarist twin's normal, but here we have the younger twin vocalist:


And one of the twins: :)


One thing about bill, although he sing's typically emo-angst songs, he just SMILES and SMILES in concerts and gets so happy with the support from the audience that he just never stops grinning lol.
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11 May 2009 @ 02:39 am
Lol. This is how my work schedule goes:

830am - 3pm or earlier = School
12am - 3am = study

so 3pm - 12am = ????

The rest of the time in the middle? I dunno what happens to it HAHAHA. Its like a mixture of sport/slack/procrastinating that has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any sort of productive work. And ppl think I study all day or something lol. Dead wrong.

Yes anyway. 2.44am now, studying. Seriously, this is the time when I get excellent focus hehe. And watching L'arc en ciel performances. :D

Hyde is the only artiste so far who makes my heart beat faster when I see him perform. :) Actually, Hyde is alot of 'only's in my list. The only singer who can make a mediocre song sound fantastic. The only singer who doesnt care that much about looks and still look so good. The only singer (hell, the ONLY male) who makes long hair look good.


Its just such a good feeling the moment a song starts I just start grinning for no reason. I like loads of other very good looking singers (Gackt, DBSK etc), but Hyde has something that raises him to a whole new level. His stage presence is so overwhelmingly powerful that seriously, my heart actually skips a beat at times, and i hold my breath at some parts of the song, he's that good. :D Yeap. Everyone's already tired of hearing it, but it never hurts to say it again. I adore the man. Totally. He's the obsession with a complete, unrelenting hold over me.
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29 April 2009 @ 05:39 pm
Since someone complained about the overwhelming amount of jap stuff I blog about, here’s a change for once.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually listen to alot of English music. 6 years ago. Before my dad got me an mp3 and I only had radio stations to listen to. Before I got caught up in Jap stuff in high school. Actually its not that bad now -_-, I listen to English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese all together. Healthy mix! In any case, here’s listing some of my favourite English/American bands and singers:

[1] Linkin Park.


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Bleach: I never thought I'd feel sad over Ulquiorra. But well, his death was wayy sadder than what I expected. I guess if he died then and there when his body got slashed in half, I would have been completely nonplussed. But the fact that Kubo re-lived him to die a slower, fading death and by giving him a chance to connect one last time with Inoue made it 10 times sadder. Its always sad when the enemy starts to feel. It makes them human.

On a brighter note. Ichigo should seriously consider staying in hollow mode forever:


I don't care that its evil and bad. Its saved his skin for the umpteenth time already. Not to mention it gives him greater appeal >B-)

Naruto: This chapter was painful because it made me finally accept that kakashi is dead. D: Seriously. I just want to die right now. I went into total denial about what, 6 chapters back when he actually died, because there was totally no closure on his death because of the raging war going on. Damn. He's gone! My favourite character! I seriously, SERIOUSLY, thought he'd be one of those that lived D:

Vamps 2008: Yeah I finally watched it hahaha. Its not bad, Kaz was awesome as usual i totally worship the way he handles his guitar XD. Hyde sang like he always does for all my favouriter vamps songs HAHA yeah things work out like that. When I cut out the parts that I really enjoyed (Time goes on, Evergreen, I can feel, Season's call, Countdown, Hello, Hideaway, Glamourous Sky), they added up to more than half the entire concert length, so i guess I can say i enjoyed this year's one.

For Hyde fans, go watch this video where Vamps are promoting their debut album. They start out okay, very serious, proper, and then WTH? THEY END THE VIDEO ALMOST DYING FROM LAUGHTER. its bloody hilarious I'm telling you. I mean, Hyde was laughing so bad he couldn't even STRING a sentence together at the end, and his voice went SO HIGH HAHAHAHHA seriously its freaking funny to see them crack up. The whole thing is 3 minutes long, start watch at ~2minutes. I'm telling you this is the 3rd time I'm watching it and i still die laughing XD.

Antique Bakery: Since two of my friends have watched it, its a s.i.g.n for me to follow muahaha. The trailer looks great, so yeahhh I'm gonna go check it out. 

Favourite line: I am a gay with demonic charm.  Favourite scene: The scene where he said it and the ensuing reaction from Jihoon HAHHAHAHA. I could watch that a gazillion times again :D

Ai no Kusabi: Did you know they're doing a 2009 anime remake???? Premiering THIS YEAR, 13 episodes long LOL. The animation looks fantastic XD I want to see who voices them :D For anyone who wants the link to the offical website leave a comment lol since I might freak out my other friends with the uh...*cough* nature of the material involved.
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I had the mags scanned in a day. Then it took me THREE days to install an appropiate photoshop software lol, CS2 has so many problems and kinks with vista it isn't even funny, the error messages just pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up pop up...

Right...scans for PatiPati March and April. I swear they cut the pages un-straight for the April issue i just could not get it straight somehow and it was annoying the hell outta me:


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