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16 March 2010 @ 08:34 pm
Update + Exile  
Quick update:

Currently studying undergrad medicine at UNSW in sydney atm, not much time to post D: Uni really does suck the life out of you and its only been 3 weeks -.-. Thats NOT to say I'm complaining! I'm living alone since I've gone interstate, and its FANTASTIC meeting so many new people, I'm very impressed with sydneyians (?) and their affable nature, I'm really glad I made the choice to take this offer! Friend making has been like what, 1 per hour for the first few days, everyone's eager [well, we'll see at the end of 6 years hehe] to start, saw our dead bodies on the very first practical session, its been AWESOME.  My room's abit too blank atm for my taste, once i get my posters laminated Im gonna desecrate the place muahahhaa, but all in all, I haven't missed much in Melbourne, there's just so many new things to do and so many new people to know here! 


My current phase at the moment....Adam Lambert.

Just kidding. HAHAHAH. Well I DID get a listen to both his and Kris Allen's album, I'd say Adam's album was less boring, but still not as phenomenal as David Cook's last year. Beautiful voice, not the type I would usually go for, but still obviously talented in voice control and everything else in between. I wish him all the best, to many more AMA performances and beyond! 

And to the real thing.. [Dawww I know I'm excited with the upcoming larcdvd too, hydelove is well alive and kicking!] 


If you actually watch japanese dramas you would know them since almost every single is snatched up as theme songs, some notable ones would be Lovers Again, Ti Amo, and Futatsu no Kuchibiru for which they won copious awards, none of which are any of my favourites lol *gets bricked by japanese population* but there you have it XDDD. 

Actually one of my favourite japanese artistes/band along with L'arc en ciel, Gackt, Orange Range and MUCC, its right at the top with them and the only reason I haven't pimped them before is...because they're jpop and I used to find them boring until a while ago. HAHAHA. Well. Anyway. They're at the top of their game in that genre, with music sales rivalling that of arashi, and that's QUITE an achievment considering how they rarely do advertising and the dramas and stuff like that. You might not have heard of them, its one of those bands that are immensely popular in their native japan but not anywhere else. 

Exile consists of 2 vocalists and first 4, then 5, now 12 dancers (dont ask). I've got alot of jrock friends who just laugh at the dancers and say they look so unnecessary, I agree with them BUT I think its quite a smart move to include them, instead of just a regular singer duo so easily forgotten, you add to the interest factor with a dancetroupe in tow. Ah well. They're all loved in japan and its worked well for them. 

The original vocalists were Atsushi and Shun. Shun's (Kiyokiba Shunsuke) voice was THE reason I started listening and ended up following up with their releases, I might have mentioned it before, but its always the texture of voice I like most in a singer, and Shun's voice is a mix of punctuated power, broken-up kind of transition from normal voice to falsetto, unstable, raw, on the verge of sounding like he's drowning and I. LOVE.IT.  Shun left the band to pursue his own passion in rock, and since then the band has turned more mainstream in music. Atsushi is an excellent singer, i would say the more consistent one whom I've never heard falter, but his voice is too generic for my liking, still, a HUGE amount of respect for that guy I have. sry for yoda speech. 


A song from shun-era: have a listen at 4shared if u dont feel like dlding! Distance

I was intially quite devastated after Shun left, but greatness gives way to even more greatness XD I follow Shun's career still, he has a huge fanbase and remains to this day one of my favourite voices. 

Takahiro auditioned for the place [because he wanted to get Atsushi's autograph on an Exile CD ^^"] and he won i dunno how many people to be the second vocalist. For the few people on my flist who watches tenimyu, rmb how Kujurai had an emergency request to return as kaidoh one season? Well guess what, Takahiro was meant to be the new kaidoh and then he won the exile audition HAHAHA. The audition itself...in the final 6, IMO, 2 other people performed better than him, but Exile made the correct choice in that Takahiro had the most potential and the best voice texture. 

He flunked his 1st live performance with the band [he has stagefright and used up the last of his courage on the final audition concert night], got criticized like woahhhhh and was compared endlessly to Shun.  What did he do? He put in a hell lot of hard work, such that by the first concert, his vocals were completely different to what they were last time, and he hasn't looked back since.  

Takahiro's not as good a singer as Shun or Atsushi, and by this I don't mean he's weak in anyway whatsoever [I'm someone who says Hyde is a weaker singer than Gackt so yeah] , with experience being a glaringly obvious reason, BUT again, he has a stunning quality to his voice. And that by itself has won me over COMPLETELY. When takahiro sings, his voice fills my heart. Seriously. I cannot find a less cliche and suitable way to put it. His voice is to me, somehow, so filling and so full of warmth and sincerity that he is the only singer that makes me feel..well, extremely comforted. One thing about Exile is that they're all so untainted and unaffected by their immense popularity that its just incredible, and takahiro in particular, its like he doesn't even know he's a celebrity.  

One of the best loved exile ballads, and the one Takahiro wanted autographed: Unmei no Hito (Takahiro X Atsushi ver.)
Another typical Exile Ballad: Yasashii Hikari

*They're all live versions. because all my favourite bands are phenomenal live. :D 

And with a smile like that, its not hard to see why he's taken in quite the majority of japan by storm. 


With Atsushi at an event. *GRIN*

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haebin: Dir en Grey ||| Kaoru ||| Handshaebin on March 16th, 2010 05:33 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, you are in Sydney now? How cool is that? And I am really happy to read a new entry from you! It seems you like it there! *jumps*
I am really happy for you.
I knew you are studying but not, that you are studying medicine. How awesome is that? You have my deepest respect! <3

And another surprise. You are listening to MUCC, too? Woohoo \^^/
And omg, Exile are so, so cool! I listen to them very often <3
And yes, I like pop *laughs*
I am more into rock, ne? But sometimes listening pop is just awesome. Like JJ or David Tao :D

And yes, Takahiro looks cute. His smile is heartmelting :D
Kaye: Gacktkeishiiikeis on March 17th, 2010 04:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, Im hoping to be one of the doctors that you might think as ideal, from your own experiences, not just someone who knows the drill, and repay a certain doctor who once helped me through a hard time when I was younger. XD

Haha thank you! Lets just hope i actually make it through medical school ^^"

LOL yes i do love MUCC quite alot XDD His voice is one of a kind.

HAHA YEAH, that's precisely how I feel. I'm a rock person through and through, but once in a while a pop artiste or band comes along with enough awesomeness to tempt me, I have nothing against the "pop" genre, if a song is good, it doesnt matter where its from.

haebin: MUCC ||| Miya ||| Rock'n'Rollhaebin on March 18th, 2010 02:20 pm (UTC)
Wow, that sounds cool! I think that is the right way. You know what you don’t want to be like a doc in your past. That’s really impressing!

I am pretty sure of it! <3

MUCC are so awesome, especially live. They rock like hell ;D
And Tatsurou has an amazing voice. And I think he is handsome :)

That’s right! :D
(Deleted comment)
Kayekeishiiikeis on September 19th, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)
Umizaru has always tugged at my heartstrings in the simplest yet most touching concepts they project through their themes haha so yes, I'm with you!